Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let´s start a blog

Ok, it´s new year´s day 2015 and I´m starting a blog (good intentions and everything ^^). I was already thinking to start a blog for quiet some time now. But I always thought "why start a blog? nobody will read it and what would I write anyway?".

So what changed my mind? Nothing special, but you have to try out new stuff to see if you like them or not, so I´ll try.

2015 will start for me with a few changes to my life. First I´ll start at a new project at work, which is really exciting and challenging. Secondly this project will be in Duisburg so I need to travel (haven´t done this in my entire career yet).

But actually I don´t want to focus on my work/life balance (buzz word of the decade). I want to focus on me "making" things. I´m a knitter and I love cooking and baking and generally making things! The whole "maker" scene fascinates me and I´m thinking of joining the Hackerspace of my husband. Ok enough of me I have a few ideas I want to try out in 2015. I can´t promise you regular blog posts but I´ll try to do at least one post per month.

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