Sunday, May 3, 2015

The MeMadeMay Challenge

I first encountered the "MeMadeMay" on Adri´s Blog and was immediately intrigued. What is it, you ask? Well as far as I understood it, it´s a time when bloggers, who sew, knit, crochet or make clothes, are challenging themselves to actually wear their projects and of course share them with others.

At that time  I thought I couldn´t participate, because I hadn´t had enough wearable projects (apart from shawls of course). This was a couple of years ago. Today I surfed the internet and thought about it ... why shouldn´t I participate? I had a rummage in my closet and there are a few cardigans or tops I´ve knitted, so why not wear them? I´m not as restricted as I used to be to Business clothes in the office these days, so let´s do this.

So here´s my challenge for MeMadeMay:
- Wear at least once a week one of you´re "self-made" projects out in public, document with foto.
- Wear one complete outfit! (ok, this is the tricky part, I haven´t sewed or knitted trousers or skirts so far, but I guess it´s duable, if pyjamas count, and as it´s my challenge, they count. :)).

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