Sunday, February 1, 2015

Retrospect January

So let´s make a short retrospect for January, what I "made".

January was a very productive month, knitting vise.
I finished overall no less than 5 projects. Ok nothing really "big", but still I finished 3 hats, one pair of mittens and one small shawl. And I did start a very ambitious project, a lace-weight shawl representing the southern night sky. Yep it is as crazy as it sounds, later I will share a more elaborate post with you. And I unravelled a hat which was way too small to knit it one size bigger.

So for February, these are my goals:
- Finish the Grandpa Cardigan (only one arm and the collar left to knit)
- Reknit the green hat, one size bigger (already started)
- Continue with the "Himmelsschal"
- Maybe start with some other project ^^ (thinking about socks ...)

I had big goals for January, sadly I didn´t finish anything. Last year, my mum gave me her old beautiful vintage Singer sewing machine.

My father in law was so kind to gave this beauty a treat so that it would work again (clean it, oil it, have a look at the electronics). It worked really well and I spent an afternoon getting to know the machine. All in all it worked pretty well. I wanted to sew a nice bag for myself, especially for knitting socks (they are square). Had all the ingredients there.

Sadly my machine decided to act up and there was an electrical surge and then it started to sew like mad. It´s now again with my father in law, who will have a look at it. :(

Goal for February:
- Finish the bag!

Nothing fancy really, I was not very productive this month.

Just some spaghetti with minced carrots (i boiled them, rather than fry them in oil or butter). And a lentil salad with courgettes, tomatos, grilled eggplants and goat feta.

Goal for February:
- Try something new, bake or cook wise. Doesn´t have to be a big dish, could be just a new recipe. 

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  1. Next Blogentry please! :P
    Don´t keep your readers hungry! :)
    Du hast ja die Tasche schon fertig zum Beispiel x)