Saturday, March 28, 2015

Late Retrospect for February

Ok as my apparently biggest fan pleaded with me to write a long due blog post, here it goes:
Weeelll ... :) February was a very productive month crafting vise. It was like a marathon and I couldn´t stop making things. It felt really weird but I had a lot of fun.

These were my goals for February:
- Finish the Grandpa Cardigan (only one arm and the collar left to knit)
--> No progress here, couldn´t bring myself to knit on it. I guess it has to hibernate for a bit longer now. Some projects need the hibernation to be finished, I do have experienced this with some projects, but eventually I finish them.
- Reknit the green hat, one size bigger (already started)
--> Yep done. :)
- Continue with the "Himmelsschal"
--> I´m at row 92. I guess I´ll make a separate post for that one.
- Maybe start with some other project ^^ (thinking about socks ...)
--> February is the month where both my parents birthdays are. So for my Dad I knitted a hat and a cowl. My Dad doesn´t like scarfs and keeps "forgetting" them at home. So I thought he might like it. He actually loves it and my Mom claims he has not put it off when he went home on his birthday. ^^ I don´t know why I haven´t thought about it earlier. I guess I´ll make a lighter version of this for spring. Cowls on guys is a bit tricky imo ... We´ll see.

Oh and I started yet another cardigan *ahem*
The pattern is called "Funky Grandpa" and I´m knitting it in the round to try a new technique - steeking. I´ll tell you later about that once it gets relevant.

So what happened in this area? Remember my goal was relatively modest compared to knitting. Just finish the bag.

Yep I did finish the bag.
I installed the zipper on the wrong side, but as the fabric with the owls is really delicate and it would have ripped everything I decided to leave it like that. And I realized for knitting socks it´s not a practical bag either. But now it holds all my various knitting supplies and I´m very happy with it.

I was so hooked that I thought, "hey why don´t sew more bags". So I made this "Wendy" bag for my Mum´s birthday.

The straps are from an old Jeans I recycled. Overall pretty straight forward sew. I guess I´ll make more of those bags.

And because I read so much about it, I really wanted to try Jersey. So I bought the fabric as a treat for myself after a stressful day at the office and sewed a small bandana without any pattern. It´s a bit wonky but I love it. Great for jogging when you need something for you´re neck.

I did try out a new receipt together with my husband and LeaderBrat. Yam Burger with cucumber-yoghurt sauce.

Very yummy. I feel like I´m cheating here a little bit, because I did make potato paddies in the past. But never out of Yam and never as a burger, so I think it does qualify. My cooking/baking mojo is not strong at the moment ...

No goals for March because March is nearly over and I feel like I was sucked into my work so much I didn´t really make anything at all. Let´s see, looking through the pics I still have a few things to show you for March. But I did like the concept of goals, it seemed to inspire and push me to no end. Maybe I´ll try it out for April. 

Oh hey what I nearly forgot, I made an embossed card for a friends birthday. It didn´t turn out so great as my previous tries, but it´s not bad either I think. 

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  1. Hehe, I like your cute writing-style. ;)
    Yay! so many goals! :) I want to see them all! :P
    And I like the cute birthdaycard!