Sunday, June 14, 2015

Looking back on the MeMadeMay Challenge

So I kind of "owe" you a retrospect on my MeMadeMay Challenge, I guess. What was that again? Oh yeah:

- Wear at least once a week one of you´re "self-made" projects out in public, document with foto.
- Wear one complete outfit! (pyjamas count, because it´s my challenge :)).

My favorite jumper! I love the colors.
It´s based on the Driftwood pattern
I did it! I wore a lot of my outfits in public and I sewed a complete outfit and wore it. So here are a few pictures. First the "old" stuff:
Everyday Cardigan for Summer.
Pattern: Featherweight
Beanie and Cowl
Hamburger Liebe

And this little beauty was a TestKnit
for AdriPrints - Columbina Camisole

And here are some new things -->

And of course the big finish, the outfit:
Linden Sweatshirt and Yoga Pants
I totally lost my fear of cutting and sewing together fabric, especially with jersey. I had to, because otherwise the fabric would not have been enough. ^^ Thrifty and comfy. 

So overall the challenge made me more conscious and appreciative of my "memade" stuff and how to incorporate it in my everyday wardrobe. I really liked it a lot. 

Next up: Sewing a wearable outfit for the public and a new technique in the cake baking section (it´s a surprise so I won´t tell you just yet). And as my favorite YouTube Guy John Green always says "Don´t forget to be awesome".

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